Formula One 1980-1989 Box Set (Official Season Reviews)

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Formula One Season Review 1980-1989 Box Set. (10 DVD)

Most years of the turbocharged decade of Prost, Senna, Mansell, Piquet, Berger and Boutsen have never before been available on DVD.

At last fans can now enjoy some of the greatest races in Formula 1® history and some of the most raw and powerful cars we’re ever likely to see, driven by some of history’s most enthralling drivers.

Unlimited power brought massive crowds to witness racing that never failed to be exciting and spectacular.

Watching these new DVDs released by Formula One and produced for DVD by Duke, will keep you on the edge of your armchair as they bring the glorious, vibrant history of a golden era of Formula One back to life.

 These are the original FOCA productions, some of which feature personality presenters including the brilliant Clive James (1982, ’84 and ’86).

In this Box set, you get official season reviews for the 1980-1989 Formula One Seasons.

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