JOEY, RAY & RIVALS (Joey Dunlop, Ray McCullough & Rivals)


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JOEY, RAY & RIVALS (Joey Dunlop, Ray McCullough & Rivals)

From Waldovision, the company that produced Joey Dunlop – No Ordinary Joe and How the North West was Won, comes a fascinating new DVD about racing in Ulster in the 1960s and 1970s.

Joey, Ray and Rivals (and a little bit of history!) is the story of the fierce but friendly rivalry between two groups of motorcycle racers led by two all-time-great Irish road racers – the Armoy Armada, led by Joey Dunlop, and the Dromara Destroyers, led by Ray McCullough.

It features interviews with all the Dromara team, including McCullough, Ian McGregor, Brian Reid and Trevor Steele and from the Armoy side Jim Dunlop, Hugh and James O’Kane, Paul Robinson and Bill Kennedy, and includes contributions from William Dunlop, Guy Martin, Connor Cummins and more stars, like veteran Scottish rider Denis Gallagher.

The DVD includes many unpublished pictures from family albums and photographers who were close to the two groups, plus there is footage of racing in the 1960s and 1970s never seen on DVD before and unique interviews with McCullough recorded in the 1970s.

Plus, filmmaker Alwyn James explains how nearly 40 years ago he managed to achieve comprehensive race coverage, including a camera on the bike.

“and a little bit of history” refers to a short history of racing in Ulster from the 1920s to the 1960s, with much unseen film of racing at the Carrowdore 100, the Ulster Grand Prix, the North West 200, the Cookstown 100 and the Temple 100.

The DVD also features new songs specially written by Mike Keery about Ray McCullough and Brian Reid, and a concluding song by Joe Reid.

Presented by the BBC’s Stephen Watson, this DVD is essential viewing for all the fans. If you were there you can relive the glory days, and if not you can see what made racing so unique and exciting at that time.

Director and Editor Anna Masefield: “This is a story about the friendly rivalry between two very talented teams of riders who gave the sport some very memorable moments in the history of the great sport of motorcycle racing.”

Producer Colin James: “I am delighted that so many top photographers have searched their archive for new material to illustrate this programme. This means the fans will be seeing for the first time unique photographs which have been buried in an album since they were first taken.”



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