GUY MARTIN – TOTAL SPEED 3 DVD BOX SET (Incl 1,2,3 & F1 Special)


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Guy Martin: Total Speed (3 Disc) Box Set (series 1/2/3 and F1 Special) DVD

From being one of the fastest motorcycle racers ever on the Isle of Man TT Course, Guy Martin has gone on to take on all sorts of speed challenges on a huge variety of machinery, from push-bikes and go-karts to hovercrafts and even a hydroplaning motorbike.

This three disc set brings together all of his speed challenges to date (with the exception of the motorbike land speed record, still underway at the time of writing), including his F1 car vs Superbike challenge that saw him take on David Coulthard’s Red Bull GP car.

Brilliant viewing and highly recommended.

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