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This is the COMPLETE set of ALL 5 Ghost Rider DVDs in the series. THE SET CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING DVDs:

DVD 1. – Ghost Rider #1

In Stockholm, Sweden Summer 2002, a high powered Suzuki emerges from a lock-up garage, both machine and rider almost invisible against the darkness of the background. Soon we are sharing the riders eye view at speeds you can barely believe as he blasts his way through the traffic out of the city.

Whatever your own view of these amazing exploits, you will not fail to be riveted to the footage recorded from the bike and external cameras along his route. If it had all been set up for a Hollywood blockbuster, this would be impressive enough. That this is the real deal is almost too scary to contemplate.

DVD 2. – Ghost Rider #2 – GoesWild

Ghost Rider returns for more high speed riding on the freeways of Stockholm Sweden while trying to avoid being captured by the cops, Ghost Rider even rides a snowmobile on the freeway, a worthy follow up from the first DVD. Experience high speed chases and unbelievable motorcycle mastery. Ghostrider returns for more incredible high speed riding on the streets and freeways of Stockholm Sweden. With real police chases crazy stunts and close calls that make even the most experienced riders flinch. He even rides a snowmobile with no tracks down a snow-less street at high speed. Ghostrider truly does go wild. A radical motorcycle video that gets your adrenaline pumping and satisfies your need for speed.

DVD 3. – Ghost Rider #3 – Goes Crazy In Europe

THIS TIME HE REALLY HAS LOST IT! He conquers Europe in a straight jacket. Riding around 200mph through traffic dodging cars with just inches. We now know that Ghost Rider really has escaped from a lunatic asylum. More than 3 hours of pure adrenaline with intense music and engines roaring. Everyone wants to catch him but………..

DVD 4. – Ghost Rider #4 – Goes Undercover

This is the eagerly anticipated new edition of Ghost Rider 4 Goes Undercover – featuring even more high speed chases and unbelievable motorcycle mastery. Incredible high speed riding on the streets of Stockholm baiting the cops with real police chases crazy stunts and close calls. If you are familiar with the Ghost Rider series of DVDs then you’ll know exactly what you are about to see when you slip this into your DVD player.

DVD 5. – Ghost Rider #5 – Back to basics

In this latest series, the Ghost Rider races to Amsterdam on a 500bhp Kawasaki. Soon you are sharing a rider’s-eye view at speeds you can barely believe as he blasts his way through traffic. On-bike cameras show just how close he is to disaster! Still not identified by the police, he’s free to carry on his illegal antics.

This is the FINAL film in the popular series and will leave you amazed he’s lived long enough to produce this many!

DVD extras include a director’s cut and bonus film Extreme Days.

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