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Multifunctional Tubular Bandanas

Make a statement, express yourself,

And  protect against the elements!

(Dust, Dirt, Wind, Sun and Cold)

The latest global trend is now available from an Australian company with local designs and experience.

Made from soft and stretch microfibre and shaped as a seamless tube, Headskinz create a barrier to the elements (sun, wind, dirt and debris) while allowing breathability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

They wick away sweat so that they are perfect for sporting environments, and they help block out the sun to offer UV protection, and also protection against wind, dust, dirt and debris.

Headskinz transform into many different headwear products:

       Face Mask,

       Head Band,

       Daisy / Alice Band (Urban Style),

       Beanie, Saharine or Pirate Hat

       Neck Warmer / Scarf,

       Wrist Band,

       Hair Tie, and

       Many More Ways. Wear Them Your Way!


Use them for:

       Bike riding (motorbike or bicycle),

       Fishing, Camping or the Outdoors,

       Sport (at the gym, on a run,  yoga)

       Shopping or cruising,

       The Footy Game, or